Questions & Answers

Below you will find answers to some common questions that we hear all the time. If you need further help than our Yard Card FAQ, please contact us.
1What is Included?
The package includes set up and removal of all KJ Yard Card property. Orders may be subject to delivery and rush fees. Once payment is processed you don't need to do anything else except enjoy the Celebration! Send us a picture if you’d like. You can also tag us @KJYardCards on FaceBook.
2How do I know if my day is available?
When you select the date and duration, our website will automatically determine if this is available so you will know immediately.
3What Zip Codes do you service?
We service Lake County and you will be able to choose “Other” and we will reach out to you to confirm pricing with you.
4What if you are booked on the day I would like to reserve?
We will do our best to accommodate all of your requests but we can only schedule as inventory allows. We recommend scheduling your setup as far out as possible to reserve your slot. Last minute bookings will be based on available inventory and rush fee.
5Can I place a special order?
Yes, Special orders placed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to delivery. Please request your custom orders in the notes section when booking your setup. We will reach out to you to confirm everything including pricing.
6Can I move letters and flare?
No, For safety of everyone, especially children, please do NOT allow anyone to touch, play on or around the Yard Cards. Display will NOT safely support the weight of a child or adult lean, sitting or playing. Respectfully we ask that you do NOT move the display for any reason at all. Contact us immediately before touching.
7Do I need a real lawn?
Preferably, but we can stake into dirt as long as it is soft. However we cannot set up a display on artificial turf. While you may have had stakes driven into your turf it would take an extensive amount of time and create a ton of noise hammering. Not to mention it would damage your beautiful turf.
8Can I set them up myself?
The short answer is no. The letters and flare are made of corrugated plastics which have very sharp edges. We use several different stakes to install your display that are also very dangerous when not handled properly. While it may seem easy , trust us when we say it is not. We have the scars and scratches to show it. Just sit back and let the pros handle it for you. Let us worry about setting up your display, where to put it, how to properly angle it, and all the details. Just sit back!